So, I started a Blog. Many have asked and wha-la – you shall receive…. Welcome to my life! I’m still trying to figure this whole thing out, I’m not the most computer savvy, but I think I can make my way around here. I’ll give you a quick background about me on this first post. I’m a wife, to a wonderful husband of (married) 11.5 years, and together almost 20. I have 5 beautiful children and 2 very special grandsons. My life has been a blessing and a challenge. I’ve said to others “everything happens for a reason” a hundred times. It rings true to my life as well. A year and a half ago, I was at a place in my career I didn’t want to be. I absolutely hated going to work. I applied for a manager position, hoping I could make a positive change. I’ve always held either a lead or supervisor role. After going through two interviews, I was called to the big boss’s office. There she told me, not only did I not get the manager position, I was being moved to another department, a department that kinda had a reputation of a place that all the “misfits” were sent. This news was first met by tears. What?! But then I had a sense of relief. At least I was getting out of the mess I was in. Well now, 18 months later, I’m still working at misfit island. I’m not searching for another job anymore. My 8 year old grandson was diagnosed with brain cancer 2 months ago. I’ve taken off many days during the past two months, something I would not have had the luxury to do if I would have gotten the almighty manager job I thought I desperately wanted. Not to mention there would be no possible way I could run/manage a department in between my sporadic, out of the blue crying episodes. So yes, everything does happen for a reason.


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