September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. While most of you are getting your kids settled into a new school year, there are many kids (including my grandson) who won’t be attending school this year. This is not by any choices we made, but because he will be in the hospital receiving poison in his body to help fight off the evil disease that is….Cancer. I’m sure many of you will read this and completely disregard, thinking “that will never happen to me or my family”. Yeah, I get it, trust me, I’ve been in your shoes. Who WANTS to think this can happen to them or their loved ones? But it CAN. Cancer has definitely taken from me and my family, but at the same time it has given so much. It has brought us closer than ever before, closer to each other and closer to God. It has opened a new door to expose us to the compassion and giving of others, which in turn has prompted us to give back just as much as we receive. I encourage each of you to get involved. Donate to your local childhood cancer groups. Be a part of the cure!!! #TeamKhyren #GoGold #MemawsSuperhero



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